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Wednesday, February 08, 2017
Waking up...to old memories

The dust has settled in for so long, I am hesitant to even walk in and disturb the surreal silence of almost 12 years. I can hear the hustle bustle of people talking and laughing behind an invisible closed door and I am tempted to open it. To soak in the happiness of yester years once more... to turn back time. Where is the one with the time machine? A letter from a younger me.... thats what this blog is to me. Stories of young love.... of hopes and dreams.... of believing .... of never letting go! Another lesson learned...

Posted at 07:42 am by pooja_praveen
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Friday, June 24, 2005

The smell of dry earth and hot air blazing out side, yes my first feeling of home. I wonder at times how funny life is, how certain things touch us like a light butterfly brushing by but we least care about. I loved the smells that entrapped me. Everything from the tenderness of yesterday's blossoms drooping in the sun to the dry crisp leaves strewn all over the ground. The sound of horns, big smoke screens created by transport buses dashing by and the loud selling of street hawkers.

I had suddenly become a child once more and everything I saw and felt was something I wanted to treasure. Nothing wanted to stay for long and if I didnt grasp it now it would wither off untouched. Have you seen the way drops of water form rivers flowing down the window panes when it is raining heavily outside, take my word stop and look at it next time. I am sure you will enjoy it. And how about that cold breeze that touches every leaf and shouts out the news of the coming rains, do wait and listen to the laughter it tickles on the leaves. Its magic...and I heard them too...

Posted at 02:16 pm by pooja_praveen
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